November Meetup 2013

gehostet durch Jakob Hilden bei Railslove, 20.11.2013 um 19:00

Vorschläge für Talks sind willkommen


A taste of computer science

Computer science is more than just writing code. So we will take a brief look on some theoretical concepts and problems which scientists study for decades (and maybe never will solve).

A deeper look on mutation testing with mutant


Why / when and how a mutation testing tool can improve your development skills.


Mutant is a mutation tester. It modifies your code and runs your tests to make sure they fail. The idea is that if code can be changed and your tests don’t notice, either that code isn’t being covered or it doesn’t do anything.

How to make things that are not ugly (Design for Hackers)

I want to share some design tricks, which theme is 'How to make things that are not ugly'. Ruby on Rails is a great framework for making websites. With RoR, someone can make a website very quickly by himself. However, sometimes we may not have the necessary design resources, or we just want to prototype and get feedback from users. There are thousands of websites now, users won't use your website if it looks ugly.

In my talk, I will share some practical design tricks that every programmer can learn and use immediately. Our aim is not to be beautiful, just 'not ugly'. When you achieve that, you can focus on coding and functioniality.

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